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Link to Event/Action Photos:


We run a simple, high quality photo lab where we can pay attention to every detail of your photofinishing.

ACTION PHOTOS: (see our slideshow of samples to left)

Link to photos: Be careful when selecting your img number. The correct img. number can be found directly below the enlarged image at the photoreflect site.

If you do not see your photos at Photoreflect, please call us. We will shoot action photos of your group or event- The cost is variable. We can set up our booth at your site or simply upload the photos to the net for viewing and ordering - your choice.

*You may order directly from the website, or call us with the img, number (see blue type above). For collages and magazine covers it is best to call, as the site is not set up for multiple photo sheets. If however, you wish to order multi - photo sheets on-line, simply choose 4 poses for the collage and two for the magazine cover. The first one chosen will be the main photo. We will call you if we have any questions about your order.

* For personalized items please leave your child's Name, uniform #, and position played in the comments area when ordering.


We are happy to announce that we are now shooting high quality, low cost wedding photos. The standard rate is $600.00 for your wedding ceremony plus 4-5 hours at your reception with background. Additional photos (bride at home, outdoor shots, shooting between wedding and reception, etc...) may be requested at a cost of $50.00 / hour plus travel expense.

You also have the option to hire a second photographer for $200.00 more. This will insure that you have the finest coverage during your "Big day."

Following the shoot, you will recieve photo DVDs of all photos taken along with 100 of our favorite proofs, Your photos may be loaded into Photoreflect for others to view (password protected or not- it's up to you). You may also purchase a wedding album with classic photo pages or new sublimated pages for an additional charge.

We offer high quality photofinishing services, producing standard sized photos, collages, and other items. Base cost for this service is $8.00 per 8x10 sheet (1-8x10, 2- 5x7s, 8 wallets, or 4- 3x5s) 8x10 collages start at $22.00.


We shoot a variety of sports including football teams, baseball leagues, soccer and basketball leagues in the South Suburban area. Knowing the importance of price, we make an effort to keep our package prices low and affordable. **


We operate a simple studio for folks that just want the basics, with affordable photos. $10.00 sitting fee is waived on orders over $40.00. Yes, pets are allowed. **


We also shoot children's photos. We offer the same basic packages plus specials. Included is the 3 or 4 photo 8x10 collage for only $18.00 (Personalized sample at left $20.00)

**BASIC PACKAGES- (may change slightly)

PKG A: includes all items in pkg B plus one personalized magazine cover (name, #, year, and one short line of text)

PKG B: one 8x10 team/group photo, one 8x10 individual photo, two 5x7 individuials, four 3x5 individuals, sixteen wallets, one 4" oval photo magnet

PKG C: one 8x10 team/group photo, two 5x7 individuals, two 3x5 individuals twelve wallets, one 4" oval photo magnet

PKG D: one 8x10 team/group phtoto, one 5x7 individual, two 3x5 individuals, and eight wallets

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