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Student Supplies


We will stock any film type that your school/class requires.. Just call us.

Regularly stocked items:

Ilford Delta 400 speed

T-MAX (Kodak) 100 & 400 speed- 24 & 36 exp.

TX (tri-x) (Kodak) 400 speed - 36 exp.

120 400TX (Kodak)

120 160 NC (Portra)

Printing Paper

Ilford RC 8x10 (25 & 100 sheets)

Ilford FB 8x10 (25 Sheets)

Other Items

35mm Cameras (used) with built in light meter

Itoya Art Portfolio (8x10 & 8 1/2x11)

Mounting Boards (8x10 & 11x14)

Gray Cards

35mm negative sleves

10x Loupe (for negative viewing)

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